Are you ready to stop paying that high electric bill? Are you ready to lessen your dependence on fossil fuels? Are you ready to take control of your energy future?

You’re ready for solar power for your home. Fuze Solar makes the choice for solar energy simple and affordable. We can design a cost effective home solar power solution to fit any budget.

what you'll need

Here is a general overview of the steps we will go through with you to get your solar energy system up and running.


First, we need to get an idea of your current electrical needs and some information about your home. We will contact you first for a phone consultation at your convenience.

To get the most out of your consultation

1. Have recent electrical bills ready, and perhaps have a winter and summer bill if they are significantly different.

2. You will need to know the approximate age of your home and the type of roof you have (shingle, tile, composite are some examples).


Once we have the information we need to start the process, we will schedule an at-home appointment to offer you a proposal for a Fuze Solar energy system. We will answer any questions you have and go over the particulars of your personalized solar energy system.

If we schedule an appointment, and you have a conflict with that time, please call us ahead of time at 718-475-6958 so we can reschedule for a more convenient time.



If you accept our initial proposal for a solar energy system, our specialists will contact you for a second appointment. This is where we will do an in-depth assessment of your home, including measuring your roof areas, determining where wires and other equipment can be placed, and so forth. Please make sure an adult is present during the assessment in the event our specialists have any questions.


When the assessment is complete, our design specialists will put together a complete and detailed design for your personal solar energy system from Fuze Solar. When complete, the full design drawings and specifications will be forwarded to you for your agreement.


Once the design is complete and approved, we will contact your local utility and municipality for approvals and permits. We don’t control this step, so it can take some time depending on local requirements and any delays. We will keep you informed if we learn of any news about permits or any further issues that need to be addressed.


Once permitting is complete and we have all necessary paperwork signed, we can start installing your system. A residential installation normally takes 1-3 days.


After the installation is complete, we will work with any utility or building inspectors that need to sign off on our installation. This process will also ensure that your system is connected properly to the utility grid. We will keep you advised when these inspections will occur.

8.System Activation

Once we have received final permission from your local utility, your system will be ready to activate and operate normally. We will provide you instructions for how to activate your solar energy system, and then you can start enjoying the savings!


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