i was attracted to leasing a solar system for my home because of the zero out of pocket
feature. However, when Joe from Fuze Solar explained the tremendous savings in owning my
own system and the quick payout, there was no comparison in leasing compared to owning.
Thanks to Fuze Solar I will save many thousands of dollars in the coming years
— Richard m. - Staten Island
With little money out of pocket I gained all of the rebates the leasing companies are entitled
to. I am saving 90% on my prior electric bill. I priced my system to two larger companies and
Fuze Solar offered me a substantially better deal
— Dr. John P. – Brooklyn
Fuze Solar was quite pleasant. The folks who came out knew their business. They took a look
at my dwelling and my needs and were very clear about what I needed. So I was quite
impressed with their professionalism and their knowledge
— Mary K. - Staten Island, NY
Love to see my electric meter spinning backwards. After solar my electric bills were reduced by
85%. I can see the value of our home with solar going up not only in value but in marketability,
because it is an added feature
— Anthony M. – Staten Island
Awesome job and savings on our electric bill! I am very glad I made the choice to go solar. I will
certainly recommend Fuze Solar to everyone I know. Each question and concern has been
answered to my complete satisfaction
— John S. - Roslyn, NY